Frequently Asked Questions

Telemesh by W3 Engineers works as a mobile connectivity platform. It allows users within the network to give connectivity access to other users directly between smartphones, instead of relying on internet and cell networks.

Telemesh Service are communication services offered by Telemesh ecosystem to reach the people to the last mile where communication is a hurdle. Telemeh Service provides the following features

  • Update registered application without internet
  • Content sharing
  • Dashboard message broadcast
  • Mobile data buy and sell through blockchain
  • Push notification to Telemesh nodes

Earlier we discussed our service that served from apps, in our Telemesh Service dashboard we have the following services that you can subscribe

  • App update app: This service will help to upgrade the lower versioned app and the dashboard through the statistics about your applications.
  • Broadcast: This service provides to send broadcast messages and content from the dashboard to client apps and it has the schedule, zone, and expire date features that will help to send a broadcast with specific people.

For subscribing to a service, we have some simple steps

  • At first, you will receive a mail that holds the credentials of SignIn flow
sign in credentials email
Fig-1: SignIn credentials email
  • When you come to the dashboard then you will see the available services on our offer page
  • Here you can request for subscription easily
available service
Fig-2: Available service

After completing your subscription, then you look at your sidebar menu, here the app update app option appeared

app update app
Fig-3: Active subscription [App Updating App]

You can add an application in the app update app section and wait for admin approval.

application add platform
Fig-4: Application add platform
application add
Fig-5: Application add

When everything will be okay then you will see your app in the drop-down menu and Telemesh service provides the app update app statistics in the information body.

Fig-6: Statistics

From a user can communicate with the Telemesh Service

Telemesh Service inquiry
Fig-7: Telemesh Service inquiry

For requesting a demo/trial and permanent account, please send us an inquiry at Our team will get back to you soon possible.