Telemesh – The Freedom of Connectivity for Unconnected People


The decentralized network of the next billion

Why Telemesh

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Mobile operators cannot service the bottom of the pyramid, leaving 3.9 billion people unconnected.
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The World is dependent on connectivity and the United Nations has declared it as a Human Right.
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Connectivity is inefficient & expensive. 5G won’t reduce the digital divide & might even make it worse.
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According to GSMA mobile economy 2019 there will be 5.8 bn unique mobile & 25.2 bn IOT devices by 2025.

Introducing Telemesh

TelemeshTM is an Open source, Blockchain & Mesh networking based solution to create connectivity for unconnected people.

Telemesh autonomously discovers and builds multi-hop, peer-to-peer mesh networks using simple low-end smartphones. With Telemesh, users can communicate even without an Internet connection or cellular network coverage.

Telemesh also provides the ability for remote users to connect through the Internet while offering on-demand internet connectivity to nearby users. An Ethereum-based crypto-economic model incentivizes users to share their internet data in exchange for digital payment. Telemesh dashboard helps vendors to broadcast useful content or emergency alarms to remote mesh networks.


Telemesh Ecosystem


The Network

Telemesh provides the backbone to build decentralized mesh networks using handheld mobile devices, gateways to connect remote networks, while facilitating offline/online transactions in a trustworthy, fast, and easy-to-use way.

The Communicator

An Android app is the heart of Telemesh. Users can discover other Telemesh users nearby and communicate with them without any SIM or cellular network. Users can also message remote users if someone is willing to sell their Internet connectivity.
network power

The Network Power

Every user’s phone can be uniquely identified by an Ethereum-based ID. Users can use Telemesh to pay other Internet users for access to their connectivity. The embedded crypto wallet provides anyone with an Android smartphone with a gateway to financial inclusion and security.
network monitor

The Network Monitor

The Telemesh Dashboard is a space for vendors, healthcare workers, NGOs, and officials to observe network data, status, and trends. It also provides an easy way to quickly disseminate emergency alerts, news, and other critical announcements, to specific mesh users.

Telemesh Journey

Proof of Concept

roadmap done

UNICEF selects TelemeshTM to develop an open-source messaging application to provide connectivity in remote areas

(2019 – 2020)

roadmap ongoing

The prototype development, alpha test deployment to collect feedback, network data within small groups in the target audience.

(2020 & Beyond)

roadmap future

The global expansion of TelemeshTM users and community networks beyond refugee camps as well as amplify the growth through partnership onboarding.

Telemesh in the News

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Team Members

Rakibul Islam

Chief Executive Officer

Ayesha Siddika

Managing Director

Rashid Zaman

Chief Operating Officer

Sabbir Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer

Syed Ekram Uddin

Project Manager

Anjan Debnath

Team Lead

Muhammad Arifujjaman

Sr. Software Engineer

Azizul Islam

Sr. Software Engineer

Mimo Shaha

Software Engineer

Sheikh Arman Ali

Software Engineer

MD. Tariqul Islam

Software Engineer