Telemesh — Blockchain Messaging app quarterly update, June 2019.

We have been eagerly waiting up until now to share about all the exciting news on the progress and our achievements on Telemesh so far. In case if you have missed the last update then click on the link below to catch up-

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Now, that we all are on the same page, let’s have a look at the past three months-


We took this month to work on an interactive UI prototype of our Telemesh app based on the research and findings that we acknowledged during our field survey in the first quarter of 2019. We then shared the prototype with UNICEF Innovation headquarters in the monthly meeting and proceeded for the test phase. Click on the video below to watch the demo.


May was the month where our engineers were utterly dedicated to thorough testing of the MVP designed based on the prototype and the on the other hand; we have simultaneously worked on building partnerships and maintaining liaison with our existing and potential stakeholders of Telemesh. We have been overwhelmed with great support and interest on our project by prestigious organizations like COAST, World Vision, Mercy Corps, and many more.

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Engineers working hard at testing and assuring the quality of Telemesh App.


While the MVP of Telemesh is being continuously tested and the blockchain features of the app have also been tested in Ropsten TestNet, our next step was to work with a partner NGO for Telemesh pilot execution and testing. We were invited to the meeting organized by the Child protection team in UNICEF Cox’s Bazar. We had a very productive meeting where we shared and exchanged ideas on how we can run a more competent pilot and address the potential scalability of the product and agreed on terms and conditions to support each other as we move ahead. Both UNICEF Bangladesh and UNICEF Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh have been beneficial and supportive from the very beginning of the project.

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Meeting with UNICEF, Cox’s Bazar Child Protection Team.

With every activity, we put a tick on the checkbox and reached each milestone with confidence and belief in the project. We are about to complete the second quarter, and as promised, we have updated you with our progress on Telemesh so far and will continue to do so in every quarter of 2019. Stay tuned for more updates and keep supporting Telemesh.

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