Ethereum Classic Labs Presents: W3 Engineers

W3 Engineers Ltd. was started as a technology innovations lab constructed to build blockchain, mesh, cloud, mobile, IoT and big data applications. Since the very beginning, their mission has been to support humanitarian & social causes with innovative connectivity solutions. W3 Engineers’ believes that the digital divide has become one of the greatest challenges in the world, and their solutions will help those in emerging markets keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution while also fulfilling their goal of helping underprivileged people.

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Telemesh — Blockchain Messaging app quarterly update, March 2019

On December 10th, 2018, W3 Engineers was selected by UNICEF Innovation Fund to develop an offline messaging app for use by refugees. Since then, we have undertaken a course of activities and reached many significant milestones. As we are wrapping up the first quarter of the year, let us walk you through the last three months.

We kicked off our project with multiple press releases and media coverage in both Bangladesh and New York.We started our journey with PR release from Bangladesh and New York. Below is a selection of published articles:

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