Telemesh — What’s Cooking These Days?

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Spilling The Beans

It started as an insight, turned into an idea, and through its fullest execution, it has now become epochal. Indeed, Telemesh has become one of our most talked-about and noblest projects within a short time. W3 Engineers Ltd. has earned a lot of popularity on mobile mesh networking through this great innovation. The pioneering concept of connecting the unconnected people all over the world, without the support of WIFI, cellular networks, sim cards, or any traditional network coverage has stunned the tech world mass.

Earning The Attention

Developing reliable connectivity and that with a sense of inexpensiveness along with time efficiency was hectic yet enjoyable to us.

Who on Earth would not like to communicate with their fam bam?

Every one of us has become pretty much habituated to keep an eye at our cell phones to socialize or stay connected to the ones we care about. Now, the fact that this basic need for connectivity that has just been greyed out to the escapees or refugees made us contemplative.

Telemesh is not just a project; it’s the dire need of the crestfallen 3.9 billion, yes I precisely repeat 3.9 billion unconnected people. Thus, the Telemesh team is on the verge of fulfilling its aim to mitigate the lack of telecommunication infrastructure and to enhance connectivity all over the world.

The Stalwart Telemesh Team

Stepping on the 3rd quads on the UNICEF Innovation program, W3 Engineers have already prepared the mobile mesh networking system with Telemesh and has successfully run the test connectivity. The mobile messaging application has been built to maintain communication over low-end smartphones. The teammates can transfer messages without any interruption.

With our eye-to-detail team, the application is developed, keeping the scenario of the refugees and other people who migrated or forcefully displaced from their native countries. The refugee can not afford to have any traditional connectivity due to inadequate or lack of telecom infrastructure or expensive data cost or due to identity documents. The Telemesh-messaging application built in a way that they can easily get connected no matter where they reside.

The solution stability and stronger connectivity will be beneficial for both the refugees/users and NGOs. Hence, our team is continuously testing the data transmission speed, limitations (if any) and tech specs inspections and keeping no stone unturned for a smooth going project.

The team is also working on preparing a pilot testing program. According to the proposition of the UNICEF Child Protection Team, the pilot program will take place during the second week of September. Cox’s Bazar city will be the initial location for the project as it has over a million refugees residing within several refugee camps.

W3 Engineers Ltd. is actively participating in its PR publicity and trying to develop worldwide partnerships and collaborations.

Here’s a glimpse of the dashboard of our Telemesh project:

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A snap of Tememesh Dashboard

The Globetrotting We Are Doing

W3 Engineers participated and has been declared as the finalists among the spectacular teams all over the world in the world’s renowned accelerator program Cohort II of Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC). The tech-savvy team of W3 Engineers Mr. Sabbir Ahmed (The Chief Technology Officer) and Mr. Saiful Hoque (the Product Manager) participated in the program with the innovative connectivity solution application, Telemesh.

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Telemesh Team of W3 Engineers Ltd. has marked their footprints in Cohort II of Ethereum Classic Labs.
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Telemesh Team of W3 Engineers Ltd. took part in various activities effectively in Cohort II of Ethereum Classic Labs.

Ms. Ayesha Siddika, the Managing Director of W3 Engineers Ltd is going to attend ITU Telecom World 2019, Budapest, Hungary. ITU is a global tech event for governments, corporates, and SMEs. The audience includes ICT ministers, regulators, major ICT companies and industry organizations with innovative tech solutions, as well as tech SMEs and innovators, industry CEOs and investors, non-governmental organizations, academics, consultants, media and digital visionaries.


W3 Engineers has successfully launched a new website for the Telemesh project this month where you can get all of our activities and updates. So, stay connected and updated.


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